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Signs Your Friend Is An Asshole

Maybe they're just a b*tch. Maybe they just cannot stand you, but some cases occur where something isn't right. Maybe it is the way she looks at you, maybe it is the boyfriend advice she gave you, maybe you just don't get a good vibe. You don't want to assume anything because being in their bad books is not something you can deal with right now. You just need time to evaluate the friendship. While you ponder over what their problem is or could be, here are the Signs Your Friend Is An Asshole. Just in case it wasn't obvious enough already.

1) Staring

You catch them staring at you quite a bit. Not in a pervy way but as if they are going to tear your head off. If you ask them what is wrong, they will smile and say nothing. But you keep noticing this domineering stare. What is going on? They just keeps doing it. Something isn't right here.

2) Fade Out

You are slowly starting to realise your friend is making less contact with you. Fewer Whatsapps, fewer texts and no phone calls. This obviously made you feel like you have done something wrong, but you haven't. Again you proceed to see what the problem is, they say it is "nothing". "My phone's been acting weird." "I didn't get your message." They are slowly fading you out. Is it because they hate you? Or, because they want to be you? Questions, questions, questions.

3) Excuses

They always have an excuse when you ask to meet. People might wonder why you haven't copped on already. But you are a nice person and you thought that you two were friends. How many excuses is it going to take? You're starting to see a pattern, aren't you?


4) Reverse Psychology

"Are you sure you want to do that?." "Did you get that job because you knew someone?." "That's none of your business." This reverse psychology is messing with your brain and you are not sure how to approach it. Maybe just move on and ignore the comments.

5) Failure

When you fail their reaction is slightly disturbing. It's not that they laugh or make it obvious that they are happier now than before you told them you lost your job in the local chippy. There is this odd smirk. An almost Dr. Evil style grin. You also have heard that their face lights up when they retell the story.

6) B*tching

It is not that they b*itch about you because, let's be frank, they obviously do but they tend to talk about others badly in front of you. But it is not a harmless gossip. You know not to say anything around them because, once you do, it will spread like wildfire through the whole of Dublin. Be cautious this friend is not your biggest fan.


7) Back-Handed Compliments

You may find them sending you weird signals. These signals are in the form of compliments. "You look nice...that isn't something you would normally wear." "That kind of drama would just never happen to me." How have you not known by now that this girl isn't your "BFF for evaaa xoxo". It's okay, at least now you know.

8) Ashamed

No matter what you do or what you say there is a sigh or an eye roll. It doesn't matter what you have done, there will be consequences. Dancing in a nightclub, talking to a friend or, simply, studying in the library. Anything can cause disapproval

9) Lack Of Support

You could have been mugged on Grafton Street or clamped because your ticket was the wrong way around. No matter what it is they will not support you. There is no empathy there whatsoever. Just let this friend go. They aren't very nice to you.


10) Boyfriend

They are either constantly criticizing your boyfriend or repeatedly saying how they scored him 3 and a half years ago. There is no boundaries or no respect here. They really dislike you.

11) Condescending

They will tell you to "Shhh!!", they will tell you that you wouldn't understand and they'll even tell you that you are stupid. These are the tell tale signs CT readers. Be warned.

12) Insults

If this wasn't enough, the insults are certainly flying your way. And, once a drink hits their lips all hell will break loose. There is no stopping what they might come out with.

13) Jealousy

You find them asking you pretty much everything about what you buy, where you go and who you see. They may copy you on various occasions but never compliment you directly to your face. This is a bizarre world that we live in.

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