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The Essential Student Food Shop List For When You're Broke

The Essential Student Food Shop List For When You're Broke

You've probably spent your food shop money on a night out more than once. It's a tough decision but sometimes that night out in Coppers is worth starving for a week. If you currently find yourself in this situation, fear not, as we've created the student food shop list of your dreams.

We've picked ingredients that are filling, cheap and relatively healthy, so you won't be left starving or gaining tonnes of weight. So get out you shopping basket and turn that frown upside down.


Porridge - around €1.50

Wraps - €1.60

Rice - €1.50




Frozen broccoli - €1.35

Peppers - €1.00

Spinach - €1.50

Bananas - €1.50

Apples - €1.50


Onions - €1.00



Cheddar cheese - €1.75

Chicken breasts - €4.99


Greek yoghurt - €1.75

A dozen eggs - €2.00

2 litres Milk - €1.20

Cupboard Essentials:

Tomato sauce - €0.89


Kidney beans - €0.80

Chickpeas - €0.80


Things like buying non-branded products and freezing meals are another few ways to keep your shop lasting longer. You can grab all of these items in Lidl for seriously amazing value and do your full shop for around €20 to €25.

Now did someone say Coppers?


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