13 Things About Britain That Are Crazier Than The Brexit

The Brexit/EU Referendum isn't the first thing that told us something was off about those British...

1. There are more chickens than there are humans in England.

2. When Queen Elizabeth II travels, she brings her own personal toilet seat and some feather pillows.

Now that's class.

3. This is the face of a British television character named, yes, Mr. Blobby.

The only word he knows is, yes, "blobby."


4. The British drink 165 million cups of tea on an average day. 

5. The British spread marmite on bread and crackers...

Marmite is made of yeast extract...sorry, is it just me thinking of vaginal yeast infections?


 6. The London Tube sees 80,000 lost umbrellas a year.

Maybe if they didn't have such shit weather there'd be fewer.



7. A voice in the Tube repeats "Mind the gap, please."


In case, you know, people literally fall onto the track and get run over by the train because the tracks couldn't have been built closer to the platform.

8. It's illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament., what?

9. At a Harry Potter party (those Brits), Prince William paid £200 for Kate Middleton during a “slave auction.”

I guess you don't have to be PC when you know you're bound to be King someday.


 10. The fastest selling paperback ever is Fifty Shades of Grey, written by British author E.L. James.

They must be so proud. National treasure right there.

11. Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling And Wake exists.

It's a competition where people chase a roll of cheese down a hill. But hey, the winner gets to keep the grassy roll of cheese.


12. Also, sorry to poke fun at a soft spot, but lets just talk about your teeth for a second.

...does no one study orthodontics over there?

13. Lastly, I have to mention Corgis.

Their bodies in no way should be able to sit on those little stumps they have to run around on. What kind of animal is that? The Queen's dogs? That's what she chose? To protect her? Alright Brits, suit yourselves.




Video: 13 Very British Problems



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