Woman Who Underwent Abortion Harassed After Patient Information Leaked

Woman Who Underwent Abortion Harassed After Patient Information Leaked

A woman who underwent a medical abortion a few weeks ago in Holles Street has been contacted by someone claiming to be from a counselling service.

The woman in question posted on a private group on Facebook about the experience, saying everything went fine during the procedure and it was two weeks later she was contacted, being told to make her way to a separate location to Holles Street for further scans.

The woman was unsure on the legitimacy of the caller, so she rang Holles Street to double check. They confirmed her suspicions and when she rang the number back and asked who he was and where he was from, he became verbally abusive, saying she was "disgusting" for receiving an abortion before ending the call.

The man on the phone knew the patients name, number and address.

The woman was being asked to make her way somewhere around the Dorset Street area.

People are concerned that this man/group has access to patient information at Holles Street, and are targeting women who have underwent the procedure.


The Health Minister, Simon Harris, has said he is very concerned about the allegations and has called on the HSE to do an investigation on the breach of patient information.

He also said that abortion service should be viewed the same as other health services in the country and that women should not be harassed or verbally abused for accessing them.

If any other similar events or phone calls have happened it should be reported immediately to the Gardaí, HSE, or the Minister.

The HSE is also reminding people when they are seeking advice on unplanned pregnancy to make sure they are dealing with official services.

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