Irish Teen Turns Down Place At Oxford To Pursue YouTube Career

Irish Teen Turns Down Place At Oxford To Pursue YouTube Career

Whether you think he's brave or completely mad, you have to admire his determination. This Irish teen has made a huge sacrifice in order to pursue something he really wants. And that's a YouTube career.

As per The Irish Times, 'Straight-A' Irish student Adam Beales, has garnered a massive online following, with almost 700,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Eighteen-year old Adam, known as TheNewAdamB99, who could study in a prestigious University like Oxford, Harvard or Cambridge has decided to focus on his online career.

Adam who hails from Derry said he has experienced a "life-changing" year and is even recognised when he goes out.

"Last year before this all happened I was thinking, I can do this, I can go to Oxford or Cambridge, or to America. Then after YouTube happened I had that conversation with my mammy and daddy.

"They think everything’s happened too fast, they’re still very cautious, but in the past few months they’ve seen the potential and the opportunities which have been presented to me."

Why are his videos so popular?


Deemed as a “a not so funny person, trying to act funny in front of a camera”, Adam says he is just himself in front of the camera. He tried to scare his little brother Callum with a teddy bear in his most recent post, which was viewed more than 300,000 times in the first two days it was shared.

Life shows no sign of slowing down for Adam. He has big plans with a TV, a book and even a tour in his sites. He recently signed a promotional deal with Disney and was one of the invited guests at a major YouTube convention in London. He aims to have one million followers by February 2018.

Source of main image: Twitter/Adamb99

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