How After Eights Became The Unofficial Spokesperson For Repeal

How After Eights Became The Unofficial Spokesperson For Repeal

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We expect one of Ireland's favourite after dinner chocolates cleaned up this weekend.

The mint chocolate thins, owned by Nestlé, became the sweet of choice for the crowd at Dublin Castle, anticipation of the Eighth becoming repealed became a reality. The woman responsible for the moment was Saundra Stephen, a number of people began to tweet about Saundra handing out the chocolates at Dublin Castle as the votes were revealed:


Although some did not get the significance of the After Eights, a box was left in front of the Savita mural beside The Bernard Shaw. Thousands left messages and flowers for Savita apologising to her for the Eighth Amendment which prevented her from accessing an abortion, leading directly to her death.


The company retweeted one of the many tweets about the sweets being handed out at Dublin Castle with the caption "We best get some more supplies to Ireland". Reaction to their response was mixed and No voters promised to boycott the brand:

After a search on Twitter, Saundra was found. Surprisingly, Sanudra handed out three boxes of the After Eights and did not eat a single one herself - a feat few of us could manage. We're sure she was too busy celebrating the fact that her home nation is finally accepting her rights to bodily autonomy to have time for a munch, she's been campaigning to repeal the Eighth since 1978.

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