GoFundMe Raises Money For Tara Flynn To Go On A Much Deserved Holiday

GoFundMe Raises Money For Tara Flynn To Go On A Much Deserved Holiday

The results of Friday's referendum can only be described as a seismic shift in Irish life. Irish women's reproductive rights are no longer ruled by a line in the constitution.

On Saturday, after the exit polls were announced Friday night, the public began to celebrate the women and men who tirelessly pushed for women's health care and bodily autonomy before and since the insertion of the Eighth Amendment into the constitution in 1983.

Ailbhe Smyth (freesafelegal), Clare Daly (TD), Ruth Coppinger (TD), Ann Cosgrave (Repeal), Dr. Peter Boylan,, Colm O' Gorman, Roisin Ingle and Dr. Sinead Kennedy were just some of the women and men responsible for mobilising the mass movement in Ireland to repeal the Eighth.

One figure who repeatedly spoke about the issue of the Eight on a personal level was comedian, author, and actress Tara Flynn. Tara publicly campaigned against the Eighth Amendment for over three years.

Ridiculed, mocked and trolled by campaigners and the public for seeking treatment in the UK, Flynn was forced time and time again to discuss her abortion in the hopes that Irish people would listen and act.

Now, Flynn is being given a well-deserved break or at least fans are trying to. A GoFund Me for Tara and created by SexSiopa raised over €7,000 euro in the space of 24 hours. The GoFundMe is now closed and people turned to Twitter to let Tara know how much her work has impacted their lives.



In true Irish fashion, Tara found it difficult to accept the money and playfully called the supporters "cracked":


In the end, Tara did not accept the money but asked for it to be donated to Profound Ireland, an organisation that acts as the voice for disabled children and their carers.

Profound founder wishes Tara to keep the funds as the money was raised for her to go on a holiday. If ever there was a real-life Mrs. Doyle "no, I'll pay!" moment this is it.

Go on holiday Tara!

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