Uh Oh: Magaluf's Most Famous Nightclub Is Shutting Down...

Uh Oh: Magaluf's Most Famous Nightclub Is Shutting Down...

It's a sad day for tacky nightclubs all over Mallorca. Magaluf was, and still is, the 6th year holiday destination of choice and one of its most famous nightclubs is no more as BCM's shutting down.

The mega-club famous for attracting Irish students from far and wide has closed its doors as a result of building 'irregularities.' According to The Daily Star, owners of the club are said to have installed illegal cooling towers and other facilities.

The Calvia City Council has called for the "total closure" of the nightclub, which means people thinking of heading there this summer might be unpleasantly surprised. Of course, Magaluf lovers were quick to vocalise their sadness on good old Twitter;


What would we have done without BCM's over-priced drinks making our throats bleed, or maybe the huge acts like Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix or Skrillex (ahem). It was a place where laws were broken, sick was mopped off the floor, and young holiday-goers would spend their entire week's money in one night.

We don't think Magaluf will be the same without the heart and soul of the sick-lined strip present. Although it might not be there this summer, it'll always be in our memories.

For that BCM, we salute you.


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Ciara Finnegan

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