Someone Has Watched Bee Movie On Netflix A Staggering Number Of Times

Someone Has Watched Bee Movie On Netflix A Staggering Number Of Times

Recently, Netflix has been painting a not so pretty picture of people's viewing habits.

The streaming service posted a tweet yesterday (Dec 11) revealing 53 people watched A Christmas Prince every day for the 18 days. Rounding the post off, they wrote 'Who hurt you?,' and people had mixed feelings about getting the piss taken out of them.

Netflix have also shamed one user in the UK. While we're unaware of this person's identity, we do know that they've watched Bee Movie a whooping 357 times in the last year.

The movie which tells the story of Barry B. Benson, has taken the Internet by storm in the last year and Meme creators have gotten plenty of mileage out of it.

What's the story with the person who has spent approximately 481.95 hours watching this movie about a Bee? Was it all just a bit of harmless fun? Or were they an unwilling participant in a childish prank that went horribly wrong?



Revealing even more juicy (and sightly concerning) info, the 'Year in Review' showed that a 140 million hours per day are spent watching Netflix.

Also adding a whole new dimension to the the term binging, one viewer watched Pirate of a Caribbean 365 days in a row.

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