WATCH: Stephen Fry Does Not Hold Back In Video Brexit 3: May & Trump vs Truth

WATCH: Stephen Fry Does Not Hold Back In Video Brexit 3: May & Trump vs Truth

In a series of short animated videos voiced by Stephen Fry, he aims to fact check the myths behind Brexit. In the latest video instalment entitled Brexit 3: May & Trump vs Truth he asks the hard-hitting questions 'Are nationalists really just racists? Or are globalists simply corporate sellouts?'

The 8 minute video was published yesterday and has received 20,442 views with 1.5k thumbs up and only 120 thumbs down. The video description states that it explores Trump’s nationalism, an alarming problem with the English identity, illusions about nationalists and globalists, and what it all means for Brexit.

Watch the full video here:

With only 30 days to go to 29th March, the date Britain is supposed to leave the EU according to the terms set out in Article 50, Brexit talks have reached a peak. The two key points for discussion to avoid a no deal Brexit are the two options of either to delay Article 50 to buy more time for negotiations or to hold a second Brexit referendum.

Earlier this week we reported that the British Labour Party have announced that they will back a second Brexit referendum.


In this short video Stephen Fry states the following:

If Brexit passes without a public vote, it will be Britain's bundled hour

In the latest talks in Parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May stated that the House of Commons will hold a series of votes in the next few weeks to decide the next steps in Brexit. May has promised to give MPs a vote on extending Brexit negotiations or withdrawing from the EU without a deal if her plan is rejected next month. There is nothing to say that the 29th March deadline cannot be pushed back, it is merely a guide that was set out at the start of negotiations.

In Stephen Fry's previous video instalment entitled Brexit 2: May & Trump vs Truth, with Stephen Fry, he explores the global impact of Trump,  his appeal to extreme nationalists and the increase in hate crimes within the UK.


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