Cats Can Talk Thanks To New 3D Printed Collar

Do you ever look at your cat and think "I wonder what he's thinking?"... "Is he happy?"... or just want a bit of banter and a chat with him. If so, you are in serious luck. A new invention from a company called TemptationsLab means that you can finally hear your cat SPEAK! (kind of)


All you have to do is slip the 3D-printed collar onto your pet then connect it with your app, select a voice, and the collar will magically translate their meows. Are you impressed? The device has analysed all the different noises cats make and have recorded voice overs which are played through the speaker on the collar when it registers the meow.



Of course the collar connects to an app, so you can choose the type of voice that you feel represents your cat's personality. Called the “Catterbox” it has launched in New Zealand and the US.


Credit: temptationsbrand

College Times Staff

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