Gardaí Warn Of A Terrifying New Challenge Happening Amongst Teens

Gardaí Warn Of A Terrifying New Challenge Happening Amongst Teens

Every week we hear of a new challenge that can involve anything from a complicated dance move to a bucket of ice. Worryingly, some Irish teens have begun a life-threatening craze that involves cling film.

Young people are attempting to hold their breath for as long as possible as their heads are completely covered with plastic.  The story came to light after a concerned parent spotted a group of teenagers attempting the dangerous stunt twice in Edenderry.

The craze was brought to light after being posted by the Facebook group Republic of Edenderry who was contacted by a concerned parent. Photographs of the incident were posted:

According to the Offaly Express, Gardai are aware the incident after the photographs surfaced online. Sgt. Graham Kavanagh warned parents about the possibilities of this craze:


Parents need to inform their children about such activities before one of them gets seriously injured or dies due to suffocation.

The clingfilm challenge poses a risk to life but it's joining a list of hazardous trends. Earlier in the year, young people challenged each other to eat washing machine tablets which contain poisonous liquid if digested.

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