Rules and regulations are meant to be broken right? Well, this Reddit user compiled a list of laws we break on the regular and it's not only gas but crazy accurate. Here's just some of the ways we keep forgetting Irish laws:

Source: Reddit 

Here's our opinion on some of the "rules" from the list:



Underage Drinking, Pretty sure I'm in the 1% who didn't drink before I was 18.

- It's a right of passage hun! It makes us all a lot more capable and less messy on nights out.


Using Phones while driving, lads for fucks sakes stop doing this.

- People who Snapchat whilst they drive should be removed from planet Earth.



Not having a dog license.

- Why is this even relevant? Dogs need homes not licenses. Stop with this madness!

Overtaking on a solid white line.

- Stop right now. Thank you very much...



Not declaring items brought outside the EU and hence not paying duty on them

- Nobody cares...





Side law: It use to be illegal in Ireland to swear on Sundays until as recently as 2014... Not even joking.



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