DCU Responds To That Accidental Tweet About Storm Ophelia

DCU Responds To That Accidental Tweet About Storm Ophelia

Panic grew nationwide last night when Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announced that all schools and colleges will close for Hurricane Ophelia. During the red alert announcement, Dublin City University (DCU) panicked and searched for validation online over the status of their university and directly tweeted the Taoiseach a message they won't be living down anytime soon.

Of course, the university saw the reaction online and responded to concerns that the college was undergoing an identity crisis:

Twitter users couldn't rest and had to share some important life lessons with the university:


Don't worry DCU. Sometimes we all have to go back to the start to figure out who we are. Usually, it's the morning after a hefty night on the lash but that's just me.Take that time today to sit and think about who you truly are.

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