New Quality Report On DCU Flags Concerns And Areas For Improvement

New Quality Report On DCU Flags Concerns And Areas For Improvement

Dublin City University (DCU) is the first Irish University to undergo a review from the higher education regulatory watchdog, Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI). The comprehensive review evaluated the effectiveness of quality assurance procedures within the college and was conducted by an independent panel of national and international experts. The findings from the review identified areas that the college is excelling at, in addition to the areas for concern in the quality of the student learning experience.

DCU was praised for its student internship programme. The Dublin University has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading universities for graduate employmentDCU courses integrate internships and work placements giving students hands-on work experience prior to graduating. As a result, graduates are highly sought after by employers. Other areas that the review commended the college on was the DCU Connected online learning programme and extensive student support and development services.

The review flagged concern over a lack of training for doctoral students who are given teaching roles. The findings highlighted inconsistencies in the level of training and guidance provided to postgraduate research students who teach undergraduates. Based on some of these finding the review team recommend as a matter of urgency, DCU should implement a fit-for-purpose, University-wide system of independent evaluation of the student learning experience at the module level.

Speaking about the report, Professor Brian MacCraith, President of DCU said:


DCU welcomes the publication of the Institutional Review Report and thanks the International Peer Review Team members for the energy and thoroughness of their engagement with the university throughout the Review. We are delighted that the Review Team recognised and commended so many elements of DCU's provision in ensuring the quality of our student experience and our graduate employability. The Review Team has produced a comprehensive and thoughtful report that will assist the University in the continued development of structures, frameworks and approaches to assuring continued quality enhancement in all our activities. The university is looking forward to giving extensive consideration to the findings of this report, and developing a clear action plan to address its recommendations

This report is a positive step forward in improving the overall learning experience for students.

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Deirdre Kelly

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