DIT Students Could Be Paying Added Levy Fees In 2017

DIT Students Could Be Paying Added Levy Fees In 2017

Students in DIT are expected to pay levy fees starting in September 2017 according to a development plan released by the Campus Life department.

The Campus Development Plan 2016-2020, wants to add the levy to fund the 'fit-out of high-quality sports facilities and a student centre.' This will all be for the Grangegorman campus and is expected to be finished by 2019. This would mean that some students paying the levy wouldn't even get to benefit from the facilities.

In order for the levy to pass DITSU must hold a Referendum to vote on whether or not they agree with the added levy. However, as of now there has still been no date set out.

Head of DIT Campus Life, Dr Brian Gormley has told The Irish Times, 'We hope that the student body would see the benefit of introducing a levy which would fund excellent student facilities for future generations of DIT students, but that decision will be a democratic decision of the students.'

The levy could raise as much as €20 million, however the DITSU haven't publicly let us know what they think about it. The Student Union president Boni Odoemene, has said the only way the levy will be considered is if there's a mutual understanding that it will be used for the development and maintenance of facilities for DITSU, DIT Sports and DIT Societies.

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