A New Ad On Dublin Bus Is Raising A Lot Of Eyebrows

It's not often that advertising is this on the nose but when it is we celebrate and appreciate its daring nature. A new initiative from Dublin Bus was captured by Reddit user MoonOnTheirWings and it's set to become an iconic advertisement.

Dublin City Council on environmentalism: "Don't be [a] dick." from r/ireland

The 'don't be dick' ad is a part of a new scheme to stop consumers from using non-biodegradable coffee cups. Dublin City Council is encouraging consumers and retailers to focus on reusable coffee cups rather than wasting 200 million coffee cups a year.

It's not the first time Dublin Bus decided to be risque. In order to stop people hurting themselves on the Nitelink bus service the company plastered these little gems around the place:


You can get involved in the campaign by using the hashtag #dontbedick.

FYI Dublin Bus, it's not just women who like to reenact Christina Aguilera's 'Dirty' video at 4 am *mic drop*.

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