This Part Of Dublin May Not Have Access To Certain Bus Routes Next Week

This Part Of Dublin May Not Have Access To Certain Bus Routes Next Week

If getting the bus in Dublin wasn't bad enough...

Anti-social behaviour on bus routes to Tallaght has caused huge delays and problems for Dublin Bus drivers in the last number of weeks, according to

The transport union that represent Dublin Bus drivers, The National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU), has stated that drivers will not finish certain routes if the antisocial behaviour continues.

Drivers have been inundated with stones being thrown at moving buses and people hitching rides on the back of the bus as they travel through certain areas. The NBRU has issued Dublin bus with “rolling withdrawal of routes in West Tallaght" which "will commence from 6 pm Monday 11 September".

Routes that will be impacted include the 27, 77a and 65b routes which will terminate at the Square Shopping Centre after 6 pm. If an emergency meeting between the NBRU, National Transport Authority and Dublin Bus drivers does not happen next week services could be withdrawn permanently from Sunday 17 September.

In letters shared by NBRU to Dublin Bus management stated:

It is the intention of this trade union to protect its members at all costs and we have been more than accommodating over the last few months...huge upsurge in anti-social behaviour in the Tallaght area in the last two months...causing serious stress and harm to ordinary members.


According to NBRU, Dublin Bus is encouraging drivers to ‘continue or go sick’ if they are unhappy with the antisocial behaviour. Dublin Bus has not acknowledged the threat and insists the routes will continue as normal:

From time to time we may curtail services in an area for a period of time due to incidents of anti-social behaviour in order to protect our customers and employees. Dublin Bus is committed to serving the area of west Tallaght and is working closely with An Garda Síochana, local elected representatives and the community through the community forum in the area.

Northside workers and students use the 27 to travel to the south side of Tallaght and students of Tallaght IT frequently use the 77a route.

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