Stop Letting Famous People Pull Their Own Guinness

Stop Letting Famous People Pull Their Own Guinness

There is a technique to pulling a good pint of Guinness. We'll take you through the steps now, just so we're all on the same page.

Find a Guinness glass.

This may seem trivial but it'll help you out in the next steps

Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle.

This is the optimum angle for forming small bubbles, which leads to a creamier head

Pull the tap forward and aim the stream at the harp logo.

This game is all about angles


Fill to the bottom of the harp, then tilt the glass until you reach the top of the harp

Stopping it at the right place is tricky given you've had the glass at an angle, but it needs to be straight along the top of the harp.

Wait exactly 119.53 seconds

Not two minutes. Not 119 seconds. 119.53 seconds. Exactly. During this time, any bubbles rise up, creating the two distinct layers which offer more than just aesthetics.

Top it up.

Pulling the tap would ruin the bubbles with the force, so you push the tap away. This halves the force of the tap.


That is how you achieve the perfect pint of Guinness. As for drinking it, you watch and wait until the classic black and white colour scheme is there. You also are advised to take the first sip horizontally. The key to Guinness is in the bubbles, and how you drink them.

You probably are aware of the fact that the Donald is Ireland this week, along with half his family. Last night Eric Trump and Donald Jr. took some time out from their busy schedules shooting defenceless wildlife to go on a pub crawl in Doonbeg

Aside from being sound and buying a few rounds, the two boys decided to have a go at pulling themselves a pint. Donald Jr's effort was acceptable but poor Eric made a bit of a bollocks of it.

Disastrous. Trump wasn't the only high profile character to commit a Guinness sin in the last while.  Hugh Jackman was delighted to try his first Irish Guinness last week having waited 50 years.

Hugh, you may have waited 50 years but another 10 seconds would have done that pint no harm. Sure it's not even settled!

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Joe O'Gorman

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