Author Of Junior Cert English Article Threatened Online

Author Of Junior Cert English Article Threatened Online

Author Aoife Dooley has been the subject of vile abuse online, after an article of hers was published in the Junior Cert English paper. The article, where she jokingly wrote about the stresses of public transport was used without the Department of Education consulting her.

Since then, Dooley has received torrents of abuse online from students who sat the exam. She has been told that she will be raped, that her house windows will be bricked, and that her legs will be cut off, all by a crowd of 15 and 16-year-olds.  All over a packet of Meanies. Dooley wrote on Twitter

All up for a laugh, memes are funny but some of the abuse I’m getting is nothing short of vile ‘I’ll hit you so hard you won’t be Autistic anymore’ etc. Honestly it has gone too far now and all over an article I wrote a long time ago that I never knew would be in the JC

One of her main issues with the incident is that words were changed in the article. Where she wrote 'poxes', 'idiots' was written in the Junior Cert paper. Dooley feels like this might have played a part in the reaction she received. She has received abuse on her Twitter page, her Instagram, her YouTube, and her Pinterest, where she said she didn't even know you could get messages.


I’m all up for having a joke but this really has gone too far, ridiculously far and it’s really just not funny anymore. At all

Who knew that Meanies had such a rabid fanbase?

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