This Handy Website Will Help You Search And Compare Your CAO Course Options

This Handy Website Will Help You Search And Compare Your CAO Course Options

Searching for a course that suits your interests and academic achievements is never an easy feat. You try and gather as much information as you can but the task can be daunting and frustrating, to say the least. Well, not anymore! Thanks to, a revolutionary website that allows you to compare and search your CAO course, you can find all the details you need.

The founders Alan O’Beirne, Niall Cronin, Walter Holohan and Kenneth Casey created the website after finding that students were still facing the same restrictions and difficulties in finding a suitable course that they experienced 6 years ago.

O'Beirne told The Irish Times: “A problem in education at the moment is the lack of a transparent, centralised and user-friendly platform for students or parents to access course information easily. Dropout levels are quite high as a result of poor course selection, one of the reasons behind the selection issue is a lack of easy access to information".“In addition to the mental stress and inconvenience associated with quitting a course, a student who drops out must reapply for courses the following year and pay full fees. This puts an increased amount of financial strain and pressure on families,”

The founders felt the mental stress of quitting a course and the financial burden on families was a significant issue. After dropping out of their first course the students next choice would involve paying fulls fees which the website felt could be alleviated by providing all the details to students the first time around.

The website offers detailed information that will help students completing their CAO by giving them the full picture of what their course entails and making the transition from secondary school to college that bit easier. According to information gathered by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), over 6,000 students quit their college courses in 2014 alone.

Finding your ideal CAO course has never been so easy!



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