Never Forget: 18 Dreadful Pieces Of Technology You'd Find In Any Irish Household

Never Forget: 18 Dreadful Pieces Of Technology You'd Find In Any Irish Household

The wonders of modern technology don't always satisfy our needs. We complain about the wifi reception, the bad lighting on a selfie or the bus app deciding to crash. Lads, we don't know how lucky we have it. When you see this nostalgic technology you'll be grateful for that dodgy signal or crappy wifi. Here are 18 things you would've found lying around your house in the 90's that, if around today, would make you cry:

1.The Sega

The memories of playing one of these will stay with us all forever but blowing on the game to make it to work was a reoccurring nightmare.

2.Cassette tapes

Did anyone else have a massive box full of tapes? Having to tighten those tapes when the film fell out was a pure joy.


3. The Boom Box

You were nobody without your sound system.

4. The Walkman

Having to rewind the tape to the beginning was time-consuming but, at the same time, you kind of loved it.


5. Discman

Its shape was its most endearing quality. At least you could skip a song without the hassle of a walkman.

6. The Polaroid Camera

They've made a comeback in recent years but the experience of taking a polaroid picture was always more fun than the final result.


7. Nintendo 64

The craic was endless on one of these yokes until it decided to blow up from overheating.

8. The Phone Book

Yes, we know it's not technically a machine but it knew the number to your local Chinese and your friends gaff.


9. Password Journal

The machine would recognise your password when you shouted it really loudly - ingenious.

10. Tiger Handheld Games

There were so many options for this game until the colour would disappear from the screen.

11. The VHS player

The pain of popping on a tape you hadn't watched in ages and it wasn't fully rewound.


12. Camcorder

The recorder for those"special moments" that never see the light of day.

13. The Playstation 1

The device that gave the world Crash Bandicoot and Spyro but if you didn't have a memory card you were fecked.


14. The PC

You'd have to wait for someone to stop using the house phone before you could go online.

15. The Floppy Disc

What did we actually store on these?


16. The Nintendo Gameboy

There were hours of joy in playing Tetris until you started having nightmares about aligning all the blocks.

17. The Rotary Dial Phone a.k.a The House Phone

Your Mam would kill you when you got the phone bill.


18. The Talkboy

Everyone wanted one after watching Home Alone but only a select few ever mastered its magic.


Actually, we could probably do with half of these things back in our lives...

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