Here's How To Get Halloween Filters On Facebook Videos

Here's How To Get Halloween Filters On Facebook Videos

In celebration of the spookiest time of year, Facebook has released a seasonal treat for us all; a set of filters for your Facebook live streams. Here's how to get Halloween filters on Facebook.

First, go to post a status and select a new Facebook live stream. Before you go live, tap on the magic wand icon in the top left-hand corner of the screen. This will open a little menu that will let you select which of the Halloween filters you want to use.

You can pick from a witch, jack-o-lantern, skeleton, or a panda (for some reason Facebook deemed the bamboo eating bear suitably Halloween-y).


You can also expect to see the reaction buttons take on a suitably spooky theme. The laughing emoji will become a cackling witch, the surprised emoji will be a little ghost, the crying emoji will transform into Frankenstein's monster, and the angry face will become a jack-o'-lantern ( it is a well known fact that pumpkins are the most furious of all the gourds).


The themed updates will become available of the next few days so don't forget to check your Facebook for the creepy additions.


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