WATCH: Irish Mammie's Smoke Weed For The First Time In Amsterdam

WATCH: Irish Mammie's Smoke Weed For The First Time In Amsterdam

It wasn't just anyone celebrating 420 yesterday. Three Irish Mammy's visited Amsterdam to try out the fine delicacies the city had to offer. The brilliant team over on Facts, an Irish Youtube channel, recorded the Mammy's in Amsterdam smoking a cheese joint and their baked reactions are everything.

When the producer tells them it's a cheese joint one of the Mammy's hilariously respond with "like Cashel blue?" and giggles away to herself. The trio played games like "F**k, Marry, Kill", where they all discussed marrying members of One Direction - gas, and bizarre"Would You Rather?" questions that had them in fits of laughter.The weed starts playing tricks on one of the Mammies as she can't gather her thoughts and burst into laughter.


The Best Quotes:

"It tastes like that sage you'd put in your stuffing!"

"There can't be cheese in that!"

"Would you rather have vaginas for ears or penises for fingers?"



Now you know, the next time you're booking those cheap flights to Amsterdam consider taking the Mammy with you to blaze it up. The laughs would be endless!



Watch the GAS video below:



Irish Mammies are officially the best craic ever.


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