Mini Heatwave On The Way With Temperatures Reaching 20 Degrees

Mini Heatwave On The Way With Temperatures Reaching 20 Degrees

As we gaze outside the window at a wet and dreary day, take comfort in the fact that there are better days ahead.


Since the Easter weekend, the weather took a turn back to the typical Irish weather of rain, followed by more rain. According to Met Éireann, the weather is set to take a turn for the better. Not moving away from the rain completely, tomorrow Met Éireann is forecasting a mix of showers and bright or sunny spells with highs of 10 to 14 degrees. A good start to the weekend.

The weekend will see an end to the showers with good sunshine throughout Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday temperatures will range from 11 to 14 degree, great news for anyone celebrating World Buckfast Day. On Sunday the temperatures are set to increase to between 13 and 17 degrees.

The good weather will continue into next week. According to Met Éireann, Wednesday and Thursday will be the warmest days with temperatures ranging between 13 to 20 degrees. This time around the western side of the country will see the highest temperatures and southeasterly breezes will keep it slightly cooler near the south-Munster, Leinster and east-Ulster coast.


We are recognised as a nation of sun worships here in Ireland due to our lack of sunshine throughout the year. As soon as there's even the slightest glimpse of sun, we lose the run of ourselves but also makes the best of it. We head straight for the outdoors to soak up that Vitamin D, before it disappears again. So clear your diaries for next week, dust off the BBQ's from last year and indulge in some 99 ice creams. Or if you're feeling adventurous round up the gang for a road trip west.


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Deirdre Kelly

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