This Weekend Is Dedicated To 'The Holiest Liquor Of All', Buckfast

This Weekend Is Dedicated To 'The Holiest Liquor Of All', Buckfast

Buckfast. For some people, the mere mention of the word conjures up a haze of hungover mornings and thoughts of "jaysus never again". For others, it's fond memories of drunken shenanigans or more accurately, a lack of memories. There is no drink with a reputation quite like Buckfast. In Galway back in 2017, upgrade work in the Claddagh Basin unearthed thousands of empty bottles of Bucky in the water in front of the Spanish Arch, or as a local councillor called it "Buckfast Plaza". The Lurgan Mail carried out a survey in 2014, which discovered that a quarter of all alcohol sold in Lurgan off-licenses is Buckfast.  Drop for drop, Buckfast has more caffeine than Red Bull, and that coupled with 15% alcohol, is a wild combination. It's hard to believe the sickeningly sweet, caffeine-loaded tonic wine was originally made by Benedictine Monks.

The tonic wine certainly has a special place in the hearts of Irish drinkers, and one Dublin pub is capitalising on this. The Bernard Shaw is hosting an event called the Buckfast Weekender this weekend. The event coincides with World Buckfast Day on Saturday, May 11th and will take place in the pub, and Eatyard beside the venue throughout the weekend.

The self-proclaimed "Bucky Connoisseurs" will have an array of events on over the weekend. These include, Bucky infused 99 ice creams; a Buckfast Bottomless Brunch on the Big Blue Bus; a special TBC Buckfast cocktail, created by Brewtonic; and a 'Buckfast Quiz. There apparently will also be spot prizes, Buckfast food, and most importantly, plenty of the holiest liquor of all (Buckfast, in case you hadn't guessed).

Tickets are still available on The Bernard Shaw's website. Tickets are sure to fly for this one.


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