Irish People Are Hilariously Reacting To Storm Hector And We're Here For It

Irish People Are Hilariously Reacting To Storm Hector And We're Here For It

Last night Ireland was shook by another sudden change in the weather. In the space of 24 hours, we went from sweating in an Aran Island jumper in Malaga to cloaking ourselves from arctic winds.

The sudden change could only mean one thing: global warming a storm. Yes, last night Storm Hector, the latest random name to be given storm status, swept the country bringing with it wind speeds of up to 125km an hour.

Orange alerts remain in the West of the country and Ireland's east is under a yellow alert. Being Irish means mentioning the weather at least once a day is a given so, of course, people had a field day:

Firstly, it was definitely a lot cooler last night than our recent tropical buzz

The number of Leaving Cert students needs to increase next year in order to satisfy the thirsts of the sun god:


The storm left behind some unexpected obstacles:

As always, the storm brought neighbours together to discuss the wind and utter the famous last words "Jesus, we only ever talk when something goes wrong":


Conspiracy theories are already being developed by small fractions of the internet:

It's all fun and games until you remember we've already had six months of this shite:

One thing is for sure, we love to moan and this gave us something to moan about. Now, bring back the good weather Met Éireann. We know you can do it. Just tell us when and where.

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Garret Farrell

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