Remaining Irish Rail Strikes Have Been Called Off

Remaining Irish Rail Strikes Have Been Called Off

The daily commute, that withering bell-end of a hurdle that separates us from the glorious comfort of our homes and from whatever job or lecture you're trying to glide your way to. Whether it be by bus, by car or, I even know one man who gets his brother-in-law to push him to work in a shopping trolley; we all have our own ways of tackling it.

And, to make matters worse, the whole sorry affair has been further complicated over the previous couple of weeks by earnest train-drivers having the gall to demand a raise to their wages, which have been frozen for 10 years, in order to at least keep pace with inflation so that they may feed, clothe and home their families. The absolute nerve of some people.

The Irish Rail strikes that occurred on 1, 7 November were, to labour a phrase, the vast turd fired at the fan of under-resourced public transport infrastructure that showered thousands of Irish commuters with its devastating fallout. Particularly in Dublin, roads became congested as buses struggled to cope with the drastic increase in passengers.

Thankfully though Iarnród Éireann announced yesterday that all further planned strikes would not go ahead, thus cancelling the proposed strikes for 14, 23 November and 8 December. All DART, Commuter and Intercity services will operate as normal on these days.


The strikes were cancelled after Iarnród Éireann received notice from the Labour Court that a hearing would be arranged to try sort out the issues which had brought about the strikes in the first place.

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Rory McNab

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