7 Signs You're At The Next Stage Of Your Relationship

7 Signs You're At The Next Stage Of Your Relationship

Do you ever wonder about your relationship? What stage you're at? When will you be moving up a stage, if you've moved down a stage by accident and indeed how many stages are there and is anyone keeping tabs on them?

Well fret no more because College Times is at hand to tell you if you are in the next stage of your relationship. Still confused? So are we. Just read the article.

1) You fart with carefree abandon

The first big obstacle of any relationship is the 'fart hurdle'. Once the fart hurdle is cleared there is nothing that can break up your relationship. You're rock solid.

2) Personal hygiene goes out the window


Showers? Gone. Shaving? Out the window. Brushing? Forget it.

3) You don't pretend to like their friends

Once you get past the first 6 months it's okay to be brutally honest about their friends: "Ya know yer man that you've known since primary school? I don't like him, get a new BFF."

4) You ask them to do favours all the time


Get that light? Could you wash this? Can you look at this lump?

5) You're blunt

What you used to say: "I think you look better in your winter coat"

What you say now:  "Take that rag off you this instant, I don't want the world to know I'm going out with a clueless gobshite"

6) You spend the majority of your time doing sweet fuck all together


At the start of any relationship is usually a whirlwind of activity: restaurants, clubs, events etc. Now that you don't have to impress your significant other with energy sapping activities you are free to wallow in your own idleness.

7) You start to finish their anecdotes

Yeah, yeah I've heard the one before then you slipped on a biscuit and then found a fiver on a street, get some new material!

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Eoin Lyons

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