The Irish University Which Produces The Most Employable Graduates Has Been Named

The Irish University Which Produces The Most Employable Graduates Has Been Named

Those ranking-crazed hooligans over at the QS University Rankings have been at it again. It beggars belief how they find the time or the inclination to so comprehensively rate and itemize the top universities in the world according to various metrics - presumably they can because that is what they are employed to do. Their most recent punt at creating some grand league of elite educational institutions around the world has seen them create a ranking according to the perceived employability of each institution's graduates.

The Irish university that they have decreed to have the most employable graduates is University College Dublin which has placed 78th on their list - the highest ever position of an Irish institution on such a QS list. This however marks a fall of four places compared to its position of 74th last year.

They describe UCD as having 14 subjects which are ranked in the top 100 of their respective fields, and 35 in the top 200. This marks an increase in both of these categories as compared to last year, however the aggregate placements of all of these subjects is slightly lower than last year's. They say that its status as one of Europe's leading research-intensive universities has led it to be ranked within the top 1% of educational institutions worldwide.

They determine the listings based on various factors, including the opportunities each university provides to connect with prospective employers; the reputation of the employers that many of its graduates go on to work for and the eventual outcome of its alumni. Where UCD really excelled was on its rating for the opportunities it provides for students to connect with employers, through internships, course placements etc.


Five other Irish institutions featured in the list, which rates the top 500 universities globally. Trinity College Dublin was ranked 92nd, a significant improvement on last year's placing. University of Limerick placed in the 201-250 bracket, while UCC jumped into the 251-300 bracket. DCU re-entered the last having missed out last year, placing in the 301-500 bracket, with NUIG.

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Rory McNab

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