Student Union Apologise To Jedward After Vicious Gig

Student Union Apologise To Jedward After Vicious Gig

Jedward has been the pop worlds version of marmite since their inception into fame in 2009's X Factor. Love them or hate them, the pair came under fire Wednesday night when they performed at a student gig in Lincoln. The student night, known as Quack, in the Engine Shed venue was underway when a group of students in the center of the packed venue decided to throw bottles at the duo as they performed on stage.

Sophie Lavender, who was photographing the event, said bottles narrowly missed her head as she tried to capture images at the front of the stage. She caught a 10-second clip of the bottles being thrown before she exited the stage (click on the Facebook link below to see the full video). Jedward continued with their performance despite bottles being thrown throughout the 50-minute gig.

Sharing the video on Facebook, the photographer could not believe the hooliganism at the gig:

As I was photographing at the front of the stage several bottles almost hit my head. Think about the other people in the room who are trying to have a good night. Hooligan behaviour ruined it for the fans at the front of the stage and made the whole experience painfully awkward for everyone. If you don’t like an act, go to the bar area upstairs or into the tower bar. Simple.

Twitter users were quick to point out that the duo did not walk off stage and continued with the show:


Fans apologised to the twins for the behaviour of others and shared their enjoyment of the gig online:

The Students Union of Lincoln University are investigating the event and have identified the students who threw the plastic bottles:

The Engine Shed is appalled by the behaviour that took place at last night’s Quack and apologises unreservedly to Jedward for the unacceptable treatment that they experienced.The students involved in throwing plastic bottles have been identified, and the situation was dealt with swiftly and professionally by the Engine Shed staff, we are now investigating the incident with other agencies as a matter of urgency.

Neither twin was harmed during the incident. It's not the first time the student night has come under fire. In 2014, Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton and Kerry Katona had to end a gig after being pelted with water bottles. Read the full apology here.

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