KFC Have Released A Fried Chicken Smelling Candle

KFC Have Released A Fried Chicken Smelling Candle

Yes, this is an actual thing.

KFC have released a candle that will fill your house with the aroma of fried chicken. The candle is limited edition and KFC are giving away the prize on their Instagram over the Christmas season. The campaign on the New Zealand Instagram stated, 'What better way to light up your nights than with a limited edition KFC Scented Candle!'

In order to be in with a chance of winning the prize, KFC asked followers to come up with other quirky ideas for merchandise. People have suggested lip balm, deodorant, pillows and perfume – to name a few.


I don't think KFC realise that smelling fried chicken isn't as appealing as eating it...


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Ciara Finnegan

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