Kid Who Invented Flossing Suing Fortnite For Allegedly Stealing His Dance

Kid Who Invented Flossing Suing Fortnite For Allegedly Stealing His Dance

Many years from now, when historians look back on our times and attempt to categorise them into epochs, it will quickly become apparent that traditional methods of temporal delineation are simply no longer fit for use. While eras have typically previously been defined by global political events such as wars, international tensions and the ebb and flow of economic circumstance: The Inter-War Years; The Cold War; The Great Depression etc. etc. However, these are now redundant, instead, human eras will be defined by the pre-eminent internet memes.

For example, 2011 will come to be defined by Rebecca Black's release 'Friday' - the closest we've come to rendering faeces in auditory form; 2012 will unfortunately be remembered for the whole Kony debacle and, 2013 will be charted in the annals of history as having seen the birth, apogee and demise of the Harlam Shake' etc. etc.

Well, late 2017 and early 2018 have come to be defined by a dance-move pioneered by an impassive, back-pack sporting teen. For better or for worse (this is not rhetorical - it is for worse) 'flossing' will be the thing that defines this era.

Russell Hardy or, as he's known to his friends and family, the Backpack Kid who spawned this whole craze when he appeared on Saturday Night Live alongside Katy Perry in 2017, has decided to hitch his wagon onto a new craze - grandiose litigiousness. Several lawsuits been taken out against the creators of the popular video game Fortnite, Epic Games and Take Two Interactive, by former star of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Alfonso Ribeiro and rapper 2 Milly for intellectual property theft related to the creation of dances within the game. Now Russell Harding has decided to sue the company's as well for creating a 'floss' dance in the game.


Truly we as a society have reached some kind of grand spiritual nadir.

H/T: The Guardian

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