Kim And Kanye Reportedly Hire Surrogate To Have Their 3rd Child

Kim And Kanye Reportedly Hire Surrogate To Have Their 3rd Child

It's just been reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have paid a whopping $ 113,859 (€102,000) to have a surrogate carry their third child. According to TMZ, the reason for the decision was down to Kim's placenta condition, which means that naturally carrying a third child could be life-threatening.

Kim already has two nippers, North (4) and Saint, (17 months) but as she's said countless times on her reality TV show, she has always wanted a big family.

As part of the deal, the surrogate has to stick to a strict regimen while carrying the baby. This includes not getting into hot tubs, eating raw fish, dying her hair, changing cat litter and even restricting sexual activities on the lead-up to the birth.

It's all for a lot of money, however, as the total payout of the pregnancy comes to a whopping €102,000. Not only that but if the surrogate carries twins or triplets, she will be given an extra $5000 per child. She will also be compensated an extra $4000 if complications result in the surrogate losing any reproductive organs.


We're excited to see how Kim's other kids would react to gaining another brother or sister.

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