Prosecco Lovers Will Go Crazy For Lidl's Special Offer

Prosecco Lovers Will Go Crazy For Lidl's Special Offer

Make some room in yo fridge people! Prosecco lovers will be delighted to know that Lidl are selling six bottles of the good stuff for the price of four, later this month.

The Prosecco promotion is a two day deal only. The chain store will be selling six bottles of Prosecco for the price of four - €31.96 - for two days in October,

Customers can avail of the special offer on Saturday October 28 and October 29. No doubt, the supermarket chain will packed to the brim with people trying to get their hands on a few bottles of bubbly.


Prosecco has surged in popularity recently, becoming a lot of people's staple drink on a night out. Not so long ago, Lidl announced a new organic 'hangover free' Prosecco. Apparently, the organic version will get rid of that rotten feeling we have the morning after drinking as it contains less sulphites, which lead to hangovers.

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Niamh Burke

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