The Living Wage Has Increased But Will It Make A Difference?

The Living Wage Has Increased But Will It Make A Difference?

The cost of living in Ireland is by no means cheap. The cost of rent in cities like Dublin is impacting young peoples wages at a drastic rate. The annual Living Wage increase might help.

The Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice (VPSJ), a group made up of academics and researchers, recommend the changes to the Living Wage. The Living Wage has now been increased by 20 cents to €11.70 an hour by the group.

The Living Wage, created in 2014, is distinct from the minimum wage which stands at €9.25 at the moment and is set by the Government. The Living Wage is a benchmark for what employers need to pay staff in order improve living standards in cities such as Dublin.

The price of food, clothing and health insurance all reduced in 2017. Although the price of heating oil increased in rural areas, electricity and natural gas prices dropped.


The price of rising rents is causing significant damage to people's pockets. Rents in Dublin account for almost half (47%) of a single person’s minimum costs. In 2016 rents have increased by over €15 euro a week in Dublin alone. Since 2014  rent has increased for a single person in Dublin by 30%, and by up to 10% outside of Dublin.

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