MyTaxi Will Introduce A €5 Customer Cancellation Fee Next Month

MyTaxi Will Introduce A €5 Customer Cancellation Fee Next Month

You're out on the town, you have hailed your MyTaxi, it's minutes away. As you patiently wait for your taxi another one drives by, naturally, you flag it down because you just cannot wait to get stuck into that bag of chips you've been looking forward to all night. The popular taxi-hailing app revealed today that they would start charging for such instances. If a customer books a taxi and cancels it two minutes later when their driver is already on route they will face a cancellation fee of €5. Customers can still cancel taxis but have to do within two minutes to avoid the cancellation fee.

Customers who aren't at the pick-up address within five minutes of the driver's arrival will also pay the €5 fee if the driver cancels the job. If customers request to pay by cash, the cancellation fee will be charged to the account's debit card. If the charge cannot be paid, then the account may be suspended until the fee can be paid.

On the MyTaxi website, they state that the fee is being introduced to “improve the efficiency of the service”. It will also increase the number of drivers available to customers. They also assure customers that in the past 6 months, only 3% of customers cancelled a trip after a driver accepted the job, so the fee should have a small impact


These changes will come into effect in late June. To give customers a chance to adjust to the new charge, MyTaxi will have an introductory period. They will warn passengers with a popup message on the occasion that would qualify for them to be charged in the future. They also add that in the last 6 month, only 3% of passengers cancelled on a driver so only a small percentage of our passengers will be affected by this new change.

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Joe O'Gorman

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