MyTaxi 'Accidentally' Left Up These Usable Promo Codes On Twitter

MyTaxi 'Accidentally' Left Up These Usable Promo Codes On Twitter

Did someone say, taxi? If you're sick of slugging away on the bus and want to experience a little bit of glam in your life, you should get the MyTaxi app. The poor lads over at MyTaxi, previously known as Hailo, accidentally posted a tweet with promo codes for discounts off taxis this week.

A few eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to notice a few development promo codes scribbled on a whiteboard in the background of the image. As the company is changing from Hailo to MyTaxi, the lads are obviously testing out a few promo codes for the big change.

So when users chanced their arm to see if the promo codes actually worked, they were surprised to learn they did. The discount codes are as follows:

  • testmon15
  • testtues10
  • testwed8
  • testthurs5

As you can probably guess, the codes can be used on the day included in the promo. So you can nab yourself €15, €10, €8 or €5 from Monday to Thursday this week. Although skeptics are certain the company featured the promo codes on purpose, we're just delighted to even nab the discounts in the first place.

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