A New Sugar Daddy Website Hopes To Overtake Rival With '10,000 Irish Student' Members

A New Sugar Daddy Website Hopes To Overtake Rival With '10,000 Irish Student' Members

A new sugar daddy website has gone live but does the world really need another one?

Earlier this year we reported that over 10,000 Irish students were using a dating website called to pay off student debts. The site offers young women, aka sugar babies, financial stability as they date 'sugar daddies' who care for their financial needs. It transpired that UCD and Trinity College Dublin had the highest amounts of users from the dating site.

Now, a new site called is set to revival the success of SeekingArrangements. The site's statistics has found that 79% of users end up finding partners and RichMeetBeautiful estimates that relationships from the site last two times longer than their competition with the majority of site users being "very satisifed". mentions some of the 'perks' women who become 'sugar babies' could receive:

  • "You put effort into looking your best and you deserve to be treated as such" which involves shopping sprees and exotic travel.
  • "No more paying for an Uber home after a cheap date!"
  • Enjoy the finer things in life like Operas and fine art, "all the things a beautiful woman deserves."
  • Sugar Daddies can pay your rent! "Let the Sugar Daddies on RmB alleviate your stress and provide you with the financial freedom to enjoy and discover yourself."

According to the Irish Examiner, the founder is looking is expected to have over 50,000 members by the end  next year. as the site brings together "intelligent and charming young women who date in exchange for pampering gifts and travel."

It's not just sugar babies who benefit from the perks of the 'arrangement'. The new site promises 'sugar daddies' a couple of things: 1) that they're in demand and that there are four sugar babies to each sugar daddy, 2) no games, 3)  "eager protégées" as  "1000's of beautiful women look... for a mentor". The most important selling point to sugar daddies appears to be 4) "youthful fun", which promises to make the user it will make them "feel ten years younger and alive again" by having an "eager Sugar Baby by [their] side".

Watch the Youtube trailer for the new dating/ escort site:

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