A New 'Beast From The East' Is Expected To Hit Ireland This Week

A New 'Beast From The East' Is Expected To Hit Ireland This Week

After the destruction of the Beast of the East, a new cold spell is expected to bring another mild freeze to Ireland this weekend. A less grievous name than the Beast, the Pest from the West is the what experts are calling the latest cold spell to sweep us off our feet. According to early reports, the cold spell is not expected to cause as much hassle as the Beast but here's what you can expect over the coming cold days:


Temperatures are expected to stay between 0 to 3 degrees during the night with temperatures in east expected to fall as low as -4.


A slightly warmer day on Thursday with sunny spells and showers throughout the day and the highest temperatures will range from 5 to 9 degrees. Wintry showers can be expected on high ground. As well as Wednesday night, Thursday's lowest temperatures will range between 0 and -3 degrees.


Friday will be a bright day with some frost early in the morning. Outbreaks of rain will occur later in the late in Southern counties. Temperatures will range from 5 to 8 degrees and frost is likely again on Friday night.



The rain will travel from the south of Ireland. It looks like the cold spell in the west and north with sleet or snow for a time, but Met Eireann is acknowledging that it will not be similar to our recent weather. Sunday will remain cold with sleet and rain but full details are not yet available.

As the Pest from the West draws closer to the UK, we will continue to bring updates of any changes in the weather. Thousands of homes around the country remain without running water and electricity.

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