Newstalk Have Suspended George Hook In Wake Of Rape Comments

Newstalk Have Suspended George Hook In Wake Of Rape Comments

The fallout from George Hook's comments about rape, on his Newstalk radio show 'The Right Hook,' has now seen the broadcaster suspended from the station.

Hook received widespread condemnation when he asked on air 'Is there no blame now to the person who puts themselves in danger?' when reacting to a rape case involving a young woman. In the week that has followed both he and the station have issued apologies but the furore has not abated.

Earlier this week a staff letter, signed by people in Newstalk called for him to be taken off the air, while Dalata Hotel Group pulled their sponsorship from the station. Newstalk presenter Dil Wickremasinghe also released a statement last night saying 'I feel unable to share the airwaves with an individual who has no regard for the duty of care we have to the public and as such will not be presenting Global Village this weekend and management understand my position.'

She added that she was pleased to hear that the station has launched a full investigation into the incident, before Newstalk confirmed that Hook has been suspended as part of that process.


There has yet to be any word on when this investigation is expected to conclude.

Mark Farrelly

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