Teenager Arrested After Paying €9 For PlayStation By Weighing It As Fruit

Teenager Arrested After Paying €9 For PlayStation By Weighing It As Fruit

I think it's fair to say that we’re all guilty of trying to cheat the self-checkout system once and a while, select sourdough bread and pay for a regular white roll and other such petty theft. One teenager in France has really pushed the limits and made away with a larger ticket item by fooling the trusting self-checkout system.  The 19-year-old man in question was arrested after paying  €9 for a PlayStation 4 by weighing it in the fruit section. A PlayStation 4 can retail from anywhere between €300-  €400 so it's quite the considerable saving when you think about it.

This criminal mastermind named in the French media as Adel, picked up the surprisingly light games console off the shelf and bought it to the fruit section to weigh it. After then putting the heavily discounted label on the games console, Adel proceeded to the check out to complete the transaction. The French media also reported that he sold the console for €100 in order to pay for a train ticket to his home town of Nice.

Here’s the best part of the story, Adel got greedy and returned to the scene of the crime. Rather than thanking his luck for getting away with it and enjoying his train ticket home, the absolute chancer went back to the very same store the very next day to do the very same thing. Rule one, never return to the scene of the crime. Needless to say, Adel was caught.

Adel was arrested by police and charged with theft. Last week at a magistrates court in the town of Montbeliard, where the incident occurred, Adel was sentenced to four months in prison.


Adel, you were so close to getting away with the perfect crime. Please note we do not condone theft.

H/T: Daily Mail 

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Deirdre Kelly

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