Little Mix's Perrie Edwards Gets Trolled By Angry Football Fans

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards Gets Trolled By Angry Football Fans

Perrie Edwards gets trolled following news that her footballer boyfriend Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain could be transferring clubs.

The Little Mix star has been on the receiving end of a torrent of online abuse with trolls leaving cruel comments on her Instagram.

Following reports on Tuesday that Alex may be moving from Arsenal to Chelsea (spoiler alert: he hasn't!), the haters came out in full force, as frustrated full fans began to troll the 24-year-old singer by posting mean comments, equipped with the snake emoji.

Her feed came alive with the backlash as people began to post the snake emoji with one person writing:

She's dating a snake

Another comment said:

Your bf is a b****y w****r leaves after all we did for him and the patience we had.


As Perrie Edwards gets trolled, fans come out in full force, furiously defending her against the criticism. Some commented that the mean posts were a form of bullying.

Ridiculous how grown ass people are bullying a woman on social media. Seriously grow the fuck up, it's just a stupid soccer team, it's not the end of the world. He is a grown ass man and I'm sure he makes his own decisions.

Others called on the haters to leave her alone arguing that Alex's potential career move has nothing to do with the Little Mix singer.

Some supporters wrote:

Don't listen to the hate Pez, you're amazing

Y'all went from loving Perrie because she made him better to hating her because you think she could've stopped him from going. News flash - she wants what's best for him. she won't ever stop him from doing something he wants so much.

Many fans simply posted the love heart emoji and others told Perrie how much they loved her.

While Perrie is unfairly bearing the brunt of her boyfriend's professional decision, it's clear that Little Mix fans will always have her back!

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