8 Best Signs From The People's March To Protest Brexit

8 Best Signs From The People's March To Protest Brexit

After a week of turmoil for Brexit talks, there was a massive turn out on  Saturday to protest Brexit and demand a second referendum. One million people took to the streets of London and many these protesters were armed with hilarious signs.

Here are our 8 of the best signs from Saturday's Brexit protest:

1.Fyre Festival

A sign with Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson and Fyre Festival founders Ja Rule and business partner Billy McFarland. Two disastrous duos, you can see where they have drawn similarities.

2.When Geri left the Spice Girls


A spot on Spice Girls reference, poor Geri.

3.Ikea has better Cabinets

Brilliant, Ikea is proving to have more reliable cabinets.

'Ikea has better cabinets'? from r/brexit


4.Fromage not Farage

Love this slogan. A lot of food reference came through from the protest to highlight the need for a multicultural society in the UK.

5. Proof that pulling out does not work


This mother, daughter duo have a fantastic sense of humour with this sign.

This Brexit protest sign from r/pics

6.Simple but to the point- Stop Brexit

This old man with his tiny cardboard sign is adorable. You tell them!

This old man with his little sign at the brexit protest. from r/pics


7. Never gonna give "EU" up

A clever play on words and nod to the Rick Astley classic never gonna give you up.

8. Aside from food, another reason for embracing a multicultural society

A petition to Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU has reached over 5 million signatures, making it the most popular to have been submitted to the parliament website. The public has spoken.

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Deirdre Kelly

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