A Shocking Number Of People Are Considered Binge Drinkers, According To Government Survey

A Shocking Number Of People Are Considered Binge Drinkers, According To Government Survey

A weekend session or after work drinks are a common occurrence for everyone under the age of 35 but a new study has found some worrying results from our partying ways.

Catherine Byrne, Minister of State for Health Promotion, launched the annual Healthy Ireland Survey which will indicate Ireland's trends as we move towards becoming a healthier society.

While the survey indicates the number of smokers in the country has dropped by 2%, from 22% of the adult population to 20%, it also found that 37% of Irish people engage in binge drinking when they drink.

According to the Department of Health, drinking more than six units - the equivalent of three or more pints - in one sitting constitutes binge drinking, which is sure to raise a few eyebrows with the general public.

Minister Byrne spoke about the findings which highlighted Ireland's documented relationship with drink:

Successive survey findings clearly show the problems we have with alcohol and that we drink too much alcohol.It is absolutely critical that we change the place that alcohol has in our lives and in our society. I am therefore delighted that the Public Health Alcohol Bill has now been enacted. This ground-breaking legislation should serve to ultimately reduce the harm alcohol causes.


The Alcohol Bill will allow the Minister for Health to increase prices on certain alcohols and include health warning labels. 23% of smokers found that health warnings on tobacco packaging somewhat motivated them to quit.

Click here to read the full survey.

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