Some Lad Reckons Cadbury Owes Him Royalties For The Creme Egg

Some Lad Reckons Cadbury Owes Him Royalties For The Creme Egg

It'd be pretty shite if a multi-national company stole your winning idea, wouldn't it? Well some lad reckons Cadbury owes him royalties for the Creme Egg. Specifically the latest incarnation... the Oreo Creme Egg.

Way back in January 2015, Englishman Nick Allam tweeted Cadbury, telling them to make an Oreo Creme Egg:

They seemed like they loved the idea.... like a lot:


But um... they didn't exactly credit Nick for his genius idea. Nick told the Bristol Post,

"I was a little surprised to be honest and then a little disappointed because there was no recognition.

"I'm going to put it out there and say I did invent it, so yes, Cadbury have stolen my idea"

He's since retweeted the original pic but as of yet hasn't received any response from the thieves company:



Others have tried to use his powers to get discontinued lines back on shelves because the powers that be listen to him:

Fair play.

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