Student Complex Renting Out Rooms To Pope Visitors For €179 A Night

Student Complex Renting Out Rooms To Pope Visitors For €179 A Night

As renting pressures continue and with Irish people paying more for rent than during the Celtic Tiger, it's no wonder accommodation providers are being scrutinized.

According to The Independent, the owners of Dorset Point, a large student accommodation complex are adamant they are doing nothing wrong by renting out rooms during the Pope's upcoming visit despite an investigation being launched by Dublin City Council Planning Enforcement following a number of complains.

The rooms are available in Dorset Point for €179 the night on August 26.

A council spokeswoman shared that an enforcement letter was sent to the owners on the 8th of August and the investigation is ongoing. However, a council spokeswoman would not provide details as to why exactly the enforcement notice was issued to the developers of the complex.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, a spokesman for owners Aparto insisted that despite the enforcement notice, it was operating within the remit of all statutory obligations. "Its practice is no different to that of similar-sized operators within this sector in the Dublin area."

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