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Six Students Achieve Top Marks With 8 H1s In Leaving Cert

Six Students Achieve Top Marks With 8 H1s In Leaving Cert

With students across the country receiving their Leaving Cert results from 9am this morning - or from 12pm if they are accessing them through the State Examination Commission's website, tensions have been running high in anticipation.

With some 57,000 having sat the exams and in store to finally be put out of their misery this morning, the majority will hopefully be pleasantly be surprised by how they've performed.

However as always there are a select few each year who excel beyond all expectation and achieve top grades in every subject they sat. This year six students from around the country have achieved H1s in each of their exams. A H1 is equivalent on the old system to an A1 meaning a student has to achieve a result of 90% or above to be awarded one.

While not everyone takes eight subjects in the Leaving Cert there were also some 53 students who achieved seven H1s, some of whom may have only taken seven subjects as opposed to eight.


Congratulations to all those receiving their results.

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Rory McNab

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