The August Bank Holiday Weekend Is Set To Be An Absolute Scorcher

The August Bank Holiday Weekend Is Set To Be An Absolute  Scorcher

After a heatwave that gave Ireland temperatures on par with the Canary Islands, its been a dull few days. Well, it looks like all of that's about to change, at least for the weekend.

According to Carlow Weather, the warm weather looks likely to return for Saturday and Sunday. Met Éireann is predicting a mild start to the week with some showers is expected in southern and northern areas but on Thursday evening through to Monday, we can expect dry, warm and settled conditions.

Places like Kilkenny, Galway, Cavan, Cork, and Limerick will experience higher temperatures than the rest of the country. Temperatures in Carlow and the Midlands are expected to range from low to mid-twenties with some areas reaching a high of 28 degrees on Sunday and Monday.

Humid conditions are possibly back from Friday to Monday so plan those day trips to coastal areas to catch a cool breeze.


According to Met Éireann, Monday to Thursdays temperatures will range from 16 - 21 degrees so we'll have less humid conditions for a while.

Get that barbecue out of the shed, the Cost Del Ireland dream isn't over yet and, sure, don't we only deserve it?

H/T: The Irish Mirror

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