Only One Irish University Made The List Of The Top 100 Universities For Employability

Only One Irish University Made The List Of The Top 100 Universities For Employability

Some people just can't stay away from making lists. They thrive on the things. Our friends over at the QS World University Rankings are one such group. You can't even begin to show them a third-level institution without them instantly beginning to assess its various merits and try to slot it into some grander hierarchy of universities. Think of them as the intellectual Buzzfeed, experiencing the world solely through neatly catalogued packages.

They are perhaps best known for such hits as The 2018 World University Rankings and now, they have returned, true to form, with another list quantifying the merits of international universities. This time they have turned their attentions to graduate employability. They have compiled a list ranking the universities of the world in order of graduate employability. They have assessed not just graduate employment rates from each university, but several other key metrics as well, such as the future prospects of alumni and the reputation of the universities among various employers.

Only one Irish university made it into this list of the top 100. California's Stanford University was top of the list, maintaining its position from last year, a quick scroll down through the list however, past all these heavy hitters, and your eye will be caught by our very own UCD nestled very nicely in 75th place. Considering its ranking in the same list last year was in the 150-200 bracket, this marks a massive jump. UCD now finds itself sandwiched in between the illustrious company of the twin Pacific powerhouses of knowledge; New Zealand's University of Auckland and Japan's Osaka University.

This will no doubt wound the pride of Trinity College alumni, who console themselves with the thought that, despite their increasingly dilapidated facilities, the name of the institution at least carries sway. Though I wouldn't feel too sorry for any of them as they will probably have a lackey to rub the salt into their wounds for them.


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Rory McNab

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